Sunday, 19 May 2019

52 Ancestors: Week 20: Ancestors in Natural Resources on Canadiana

Historical picture showing the squaring of white pine timber in Algonquin Park

This week's 52 Ancestors prompt in "Nature". Love it or hate it, Canada's economy has always been heavily entwined with our natural resources. You'd be hard pressed to find a Canadian family tree without at least one ancestor working in these industries. Hiking, hunting, and fishing are still a huge part of Canadian culture, even for those who don't work in the natural resource sector. I decided this week to compile a list of links on Canadiana to point you towards information on those ancestors who worked in natural resources.



Fishing, Hunting and Trapping


If your ancestor worked in natural resources and was employed by the government, then don't forget to look for them in the Civil Service Registries. These were annual lists published by the federal government. Click here to access the lists.