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I've been doing genealogy for over a decade, and am a history buff. My own direct line family history has deep roots in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. My extended family has left a paper trail in almost every province and territory in Canada.

I am PLCGS certified both in General Methodology and Canadian Records from the NIGS. I'll soon be hanging out my shingle for professional services.

Born in Toronto, I resided in different parts of Ontario until this year. I now live in Fort St. John, British Columbia. I worked for the same retail company for over 25 years in Ontario. The job that pays for genealogy now is in the insurance industry.

Among my other talents is being a font of useless information. I'm a master at trivia games, because that's the only place where the knowledge really comes in handy.

You can contact me at:

twitter: @fycanadianstory

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