Are you a family historian? Are you interested in Canadian history? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then this blog is for you.

Welcome to my blog. It's combining my two great loves: history and genealogy. To be honest, you really can't have an interest in one without the other. This blog will focus for the most part on Canadian history and genealogy. Through my travels in genealogy and history, I found a distinct lack of an online presence when it came to Canada. So I decided to start blogging to add my voice to the slowly growing Canadian contingent. 

First the genealogy aspect. Canadian genealogy can pose some challenges. Regardless of what you see on television, it isn't all easy, and its not all instantly accessible. Provincial laws, religion, and changing borders all factor in to where records can be found. With my blog, I hope to help you navigate the waters. 

Now to the history part. I have a life long love of history in general. It was only when I started doing genealogy that I realized how little I knew of Canadian history though. There were some serious gaps in the Canadian school curriculum when I was in school about the history of our own country. So I went about finding more. What I found was that even though Canada is a comparatively young country, our history is every bit as interesting and entertaining as our much older European counterparts. Here and there I'll post about an aspect of our history that gives perspective to our ancestors' lives.

So grab yourself a Timmies and settle in.

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